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SkyNet Surgical Inc. works hard to provide the best brands on surgical instruments, surgical supplies, surgical tools, medical instruments, medical supplies, and medical tools. We are striving to become the surgical supplies outlet for all surgical facilities nationwide.

As the demand for surgical supplies increases, SkyNet Surgical is responding by, carefully, selecting the most reliable surgical tools and medical instruments to serve surgical facilities nationwide. With companies like C.R. Bard a leader in medical and surgical supplies that is known for its excellent line of urology and surgical instruments. Covidien, a leader in surgical disposables and medical instruments. Ethicon, a brand name in surgical sutures and medical supplies. Cook, which is known for its huge line of medical and surgical instruments and many other brand name companies in the surgical supplies field, we can be sure that we can become your surgical supplies outlet of choice wherever your facility or store is.

We have tailored our supply chain to provide you with the most reliable shipping and delivery terms possible on the longest expiration dates available directly from manufacturers for all your medical instruments and surgical accessories.

With over 100,000 items of medical and surgical supplies, we assure our customers the best service and commitment to excellence.

At SkyNet Surgical our goal is to make the ordering of medical and surgical supplies process as streamlined as possible. We understand that due to the urgency of your operations your time is valuable and the last thing you want to do is spend time ordering.

We invite you to browse our inventory of surgical supplies and medical instruments for a look into the product selection and pricing available through SkyNet’s 100,000 items. Contact us with any questions or to set up your SkyNet Surgical account and place your first order today! 

We have provided cost savings solutions to hospitals, surgery centers, and surgical and supplies retailers across the country for over 5 years. Our dedication and thrive to deliver outstanding service by offering unbeatable rates on surgical and medical accessories, surgical instruments, medical equipment, and surgical tools. 

If your facility would like to donate surplus supplies, SkyNet Surgical works with national and international relief organizations that specialize in providing and re-distributing your unwanted medical and surgical supplies to developing and needy countries across the world. Donating your slow-moving, unwanted, or, even, expired medical supplies and instruments, will enable you to obtain tax write-offs, while providing supplies to those who need it the most saving money and, above all and saving lives.

SkyNet Surgical has been a known, safe distributor of single-use in date surgical supplies for over 5 years and We look forward to doing business with you soon!