• Brand: Applied Medical
  • Product Code: Applied Medical #C8403
  • Availability: 2-3 weeks

Alexis wound protectors/retractors provide 360° of circumferential, atraumatic retraction. Alexis wound protector/retractors maintain moisture at the incision site and reduce superficial surgical site infections following colorectal surgeries. 

Offers Ultimate Versatility

Achieves protection and retraction in a wide range of specialties, patient sizes, and incision sizes that facilitates rapid and effortless setup.

Provides 360⁰ Atraumatic Retraction

This mximizes exposure with a minimum incision size that offers unparalleled exposure without trauma and pain associated with prolonged point retraction which provides hands-free retraction, reducing strain, discomfort, and fatigue associated with traditional hand-held retractors that creates tamponade effect to minimize blood loss.

Provides 360° Wound Protection

To reduce surgical site infection and shields incision site from bacterial invasion.